Thursday, December 14, 2023

Optimus Robot Gen 2 Introduction

Optimus Robot

Gen 2 Introduction 

Tesla showcased their second generation Optimus robot today and freaked everybody out!!!

It's remarkable how similar yet difference the Tesla Optimus looks compared to Star Wars C-3PO. The look kind of similar, but the Tesla robot is much smoother in the way it moves.

Prototype Tesla Optimus Robot showcased at Local Tesla Showroom with CyberTruck in Background

Optimus Robot

Below are photos I took of the 1st generation Tesla Optimus Robot.

The Tesla Optimus Robot has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we live. For instance, its hands posses the same manual dexterity of a human being, which means it could work in a factory 24 hours a day doing things like hand assembling iPhones, or basically anything a human can do, but better, faster and way cheaper, as it doesn't require breaks, health insurance or a 401K account. Elon Musk said that he believed the Optimus would be so precise, it could thread a needle with its hands.

In a home, a Tesla Robot could cook and clean, and put out the recycle as a serious domestic helper. It could save us all kinds of time by doing things like washing and folding laundry, and changing the sheets on your bed, as well as taking care of plants and even walking a dog. It could even run errands and get in your CyberTruck and drive to pickup groceries or take out food. Also, potentially Tesla Robots could potentially also double as bodyguards or security guards, like a home attack dogs. 

They could also potentially do other things like rock a crying baby to sleep, or spell check your writing as well as handle other administrative tasks. If you think about it, the options are almost unlimited.

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