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Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich

Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family

Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich

$25,000 Tesla Cyber Mini Concept by Jake Ehrlich Pictured Above

Tesla announced they plan to build compact vehicles for the European and Chinese markets, and they issued a call for design submissions for the Chinese version. As a designer, I could not stop thinking about this amazing challenge, and propose a modular design concept to create a family of compact Tesla Cyber Vehicles in this article. 

One of the significant challenges with the Tesla CyberTruck is it's too long to fit in standard size American garages, and too large for many streets in Europe. The concepts shown below overcome this to create a truly international Tesla Cyber vehicle solution.

The revolutionary design language and manufacturing methodology of the CyberTruck deserves to and should be incorporated into additional product lines and vehicles. The design reference collage above lays out the four different Cyber vehicles which are largely based upon the CyberTruck design language. This includes the

  • Cyber Mini 
  • Cyber Compact 
  • Cyber Compact SUV 
  •  Cyber SUV 

The illustration above showcases how Tesla can leverage the Cyber design and manufacturing process to not only make a sub $25,000 Tesla, but also a modular line of revolutionary vehicles that may take advantage of the existing CyberTruck tooling to create a super-innovative family of Cyber vehicles that could be made side-by-side in the new Tesla GigaFactory in Texas.

Cyber Compact

The beauty of this 4 door design concept is the front half of the Cyber Compact Concept is identical in scale and dimension to the Cybertruck, thus it uses all the same interior and exterior parts so it can easily be made side-by-side in any CyberTruck production factory. For frame-of-reference and scale, this vehicle remains around the length of a Tesla Model 3.

I am including my Cyber Compact concept design in my favorite wrapped version as seen above, as well in naked sheet metal below.

The image above shows the Cyber Compact which is identical in every way to the Cyber SUV (seen below), but has much smaller wheels and tires as this could be more of a Commuter / Robo-Taxi vehicle or a high-performance model.

Cyber SUV

The Cyber SUV design pictured in the next ten images is identical in every way to the Cyber Compact design pictured above, but it has much larger truck tires and wheels which gives it a completely different look and vibe. Once again, the front of this vehicle is identical to the Cyber Truck and thus could utilize most of the exact same tooling and components. 

Notice the design enhancement to extend the rear window to create a pyramid shape which makes the vehicle look even more otherworldly and cool. Also, on many of the images you will notice they have a matte black bottom, which also highlights and compliments the pyramid shape window structure. This detail makes the car look like it is in motion even when it is standing still—kind of like the NIKE Swoosh logo...

Above we see the Cyber SUV in my favorite wrapped version, as well as in naked sheet metal below. On the version above I removed the red pinstripe which gives the vehicle a more serious and masculine vibe.

First Principles Reasoning

Front and Rear Informational 


This next set of eight images below show the Cyber SUV concept, which features embedded modular informational HDR LCD LED screens on the front and back of the vehicle that not only replace standard brake, backup and turning lights, but more importantly can display any type of contextual information graphic.

Ironically, as exotic as this revolutionary feature may seem, it could be less expensive at scale than having to create very expensive tooling for specialized LED rear backup, turning and brake lights.

The image below shows the front LED display “Backing Up” screen, but this could display any graphic including the extra driving light seen above, as well as additional turning signals or a charging percentage at a Super Charger station...

The rear screen can also display standard turning signals and brake lights when driving, as well as acting as a very bright backup light (shown 3 images below), but most importantly it can display contextual messages as seen below when parked :-)

Notice on the image above, the rear of the vehicle has a two-piece solar array tonneau cover that can slide-up to expose a trunk / mini-bed (seen below) for fast access without having to lower the tailgate. This could also carry a couple of bikes standing up—sticking out of the small bed. 

If you look closely you will notice there are also solar panels on the side of the vehicle located behind the rear windows that complete the pyramid geometry shape.

The rear display in the image above shows the name of the party the Robo Taxi vehicle is picking up to make it easy to locate (Think: Robotaxi meets Uber)!

The image below shows a “Parking” screen on the back of the SUV. This screen is not only showing the parking message but also providing bright backup lighting.

There is no limit to what the smart informational contextual screens can display! The example below is what you might see at a Tesla Supercharging station so when Tesla owners pull-up they have a better idea of which car to park next to as they can see the charging speed and level.

Below is a two door version of my of my Cyber SUV Concept, which looks so awesome!

Cyber Mini SUV

Next up we have the Cyber Mini SUV concept. This car is much shorter and would be about 16 inches shorter than a Model Y. It is shown equipped with Cyber Truck design language rims and tires.

Cyber Mini

Below we see the 2 door Cyber Mini concept which is significantly shorter and smaller than the Cyber SUV and Cyber Compact. This would be the ultimate 'around-town' small vehicle which could be a very popular international vehicle! This model has a snubbed nose which makes it even more miniature so it would be about 20 inches shorter in length than a Model 3 or Model Y. It features a hatchback trunk lid with generous space in the rear for groceries or other cargo. I believe this could be a sub $25k Tesla... 

$25,000 Tesla Cyber Mini Concept by Jake Ehrlich Pictured Above

I would love to work with the Tesla design team on bringing these concepts to life, and who knows, Maybe Elon and Tesla will see my ideas and incorporate some of them :-)

The Inspiration 

When the CyberTruck debuted in November of 2019 I wrote a review and was blown away with the revolutionary design.

I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the design of the Tesla CyberTruck, but to my way of thinking, it was missing something!?!! In other words, the current CyberTruck design looked unfinished to me, so I went to work on trying to figure it out and I came up with the two significant improvements seen below. 

First, I added triangular black solar panels to the side rear of the truck just behind the rear doors that organically extend the geometry of the side window structure to complete the symmetrical pyramid shape.

Adding this triangular element not only adds striking trademark visual interest but makes the car look way more sleek, streamlined, finished, symmetrical, balanced, modern, otherworldly, timeless and beautiful. I believe this really completes and compliments the pyramid shape of the CyberTruck and window layout and makes it look DRAMATICALLY BETTER and more refined!!!

I also added a black wrap to the bottom half of the CyberTruck and added a 'touch-of-red' pinstripe to separate the stainless from the black wrap which strikes me as being dramatically better. This added contrast really completes and compliments Tesla's CyberTruck design, as I find the all-stainless to be a bit too monotone, monotonous and flavorless looking. The addition of the red strip just looks cool...  

I am also including a version without the red pinstripe (pictured below), as I can't figure out which version I like better? Typically I have NEVER liked pinstripes, but I think it looks kind of sportier with the red stripe as seen above, but in the version below it looks more serious and sober. Hmnn!?!!


Tesla Model X SUV on Steroids 

I have a confession to make: I am NOT a pick-up-truck kind of guy—at all. In other words, if you offered to give me a brand new Ford F-150 for free I would NOT take it.

I realize most people likely see the CyberTruck as a truck, but I see it much more as a Tesla Model X on steroids. In other words, a bigger, bolder, more masculine SUV with much simpler doors, and most importantly a large lockable bed that can hold a set of family bikes. 

On ALL existing Tesla models if you want to go mountain biking with bikes for the family, you have to buy a bike rack that hangs off the rear of the car, or put them on a roof rack. If you have nice bikes and you want to grab some dinner and you leave your Tesla unattended, there is a high likelihood when you return your bikes will have been stolen. 

With the CyberTruck, you can simply place them on their sides in the large flat bed and close the secure tonneau cover so they will be out of sight and even if someone knew they were in the bed the couldn’t break-in to steal them. Also, if you go snowboarding you can keep all your gear in the bed, whereas if you use any other Tesla you have to place them in the car or on a roof rack. Or you could look at it like the CyberTruck is like a Model X with an enormous trunk that can hold much, much more luggage or golf clubs, or even 4x8 sheets of plywood.

In a strange way, CyberTruck reminds me of an old school Cadillac ‘Land Shark’ in the sense it’s so big and long and has a ‘King of the Road’ vibe with all its presence!

Also, I like and understand the appeal of Range Rover vehicles and I think some of them look really cool. The challenge is they are NOT Electric, and require a lot of expensive maintenance over time. I kind of perceive the CyberTruck as being like a super-modern Range Rover...kind of like a go anywhere, do anything, in any conditions off-road vehicle...I realize most people, including myself will never take advantage of more than 5% of the off-road capability, but having the option is nice...Basically, the CyberTruck is built-to-last—like a Rolex.

Once Tesla opened up the CyberTruck for Pre-Orders, I immediately ordered one so when I receive it I plan to wrap it the way it appears above, and that is why with many of the renders for my CyberMini, CyberSUV and CyberCompact concepts pictured above in this story carry over and incorporate these design language improvement ideas.

Part of the brilliance of Tesla's CyberTruck is due to its exterior being made from cold-rolled stainless steel it can't be painted, which is a tremendous benefit as it is so strong and ding proof—not to mention when Tesla builds these trucks they don't require a paint shop, which significantly decreases the cost to make such a vehicle.

Special Thanks to Cory & Dale from Concepts for excellent renderings.

Tesla AI Day Presentation

Tesla AI Day Presentation

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Everyday Astronaut StarBase Tour with Elon Musk

Everyday Astronaut

StarBase Tour with Elon Musk

They say 'The best things in life are fee' and that is the case here for certain! This is a radical treat, as the Everyday Astronaut takes us on a StarBase Tour with Elon Musk. 

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Ever Wonder What A Tesla Frunk is Great For? Changing Babies Diapers


Ever Wonder What

A Tesla Frunk is Great For?

Changing Babies Diapers

Tesla Front Trunks, known as The Frunk are a really amazing and versatile feature. It took the photos of my daughter when she was a baby just after chasing her diaper, and as you can see she seems snug as a bug in a rug...

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2000 Mile Road Trip in All-New 2021 Model S Long Range

2000 Mile Road Trip

in All-New 2021 Model S Long Range

This family took their all-new Tesla Model S on a 2000 Mile trip including a 55 mile drive through the Badlands of New Mexico with 21 inch tires as seen below. For some reason this image from their video remains me of Luke in Star Wars hauling-ass through the desert in his land speeder with Obi Won, R2D2 and C3PO.

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Dave Lee Tesla Full Self Drive (FSD) Day Trip to Santa Barbara

Dave Lee Tesla Full Self Drive (FSD)

Day Trip to Santa Barbara