Thursday, March 2, 2023

2023 Tesla Investor Day

2023 Tesla Investor Day

I watched 2023 Tesla Investor Day and thought it was beyond profound!! Later in the in the video, in the Q&A section they announce The Tesla GigaFactory in Monterey, Mexico, along with many other fascinating insights. I highly recommend watching this Tour de force in excellence...

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

CyberTruck Prototype with New Triangular Mirrors

CyberTruck Prototype

with New Triangular Mirrors 

The photo below shows the latest prototype of the CyberTruck with the new updated triangular rear-view mirrors, which I think look super RAD!!!

I was one of the first people to place an order for a CyberTruck, so I hope to be one of the first people to take delivery, and of course I will be doing a super-detailed review. I plan to wrap my CyberTruck with black panels as seen below. This includes adding an additional triangle section on the rear side top panels to complete the pyramid shape as seen below. I decided to do this render to get a much better idea of what my customized CyberTruck will look like...

Below are renders of my original wrap concept and we see it first without a red pinstripe and in the second render with the red pinstripe. If you are interested, you can check out my Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family Design Concept, which goes into detail on my idea of how to improve the design language of the CyberTruck. 

I was also curious to see what my CyberTruck would look like if I were to wrap the mirrors in red, which we see below. I think it looks interesting with the red mirrors, but I think it is likely to distracting looking, and takes away from the masculine vibe of just the black and sliver.

The render below shows what my design would look like if I were to NOT wrap the frunk in black, but I think it look better with Black wrap.