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My Custom CyberTruck Wrap Design Reference

My Final CyberTruck Wrap Design Reference 

My Custom CyberTruck Wrap Design Reference

It took me 5 years to figure out the exact details of how I plan to wrap my CyberTruck (pictured above), although I came up with the original concept 5 years ago and it hasn't changed that much, just figuring out all the details which I lay out in this article.

If you are a reader of Jake's Tesla World, you know I am a huge fan of the CyberTruck, as well as a very early reservation holder. Just after I ordered my CyberTruck, I immediately knew I wanted to wrap it in black on the bottom, possibly with a red pinstripe, as well as adding additional rear window shape extensions to the back of the rear side sail to complete the pyramid shape as seen above. 

Tesla will be offering a generic PPF wrap which covers the entire car, in one color, which I am not crazy about as it doesn't really make the car pop as much as I would like. In other words, I believe the standard CyberTruck is already two monotone with all the stainless steel and if you wrap the entire CyberTruck in one color, like black as seen below, you end up with the same "too much of a good thing is not a good thing kind of thing", as seen below.

CyberTruck Designer, Franz von Holzhausen showed up at the beach with a CyberTruck wrapped in matte black.

Don't get me wrong, I think Tesla's all black wrapped CyberTruck looks really cool, but in my design mind it camouflages the unique geometrical lines of the magnificent CyberTruck design.

With my CyberTruck concept seen above, I love how the fat red side stripes appear to extend out of the parking light-bar located on the front of the CyberTruck. I spend countless hours over the past four years, experimenting with different ideas for exactly how to wrap my CyberTruck. It may look like it was really simple to decide on a final layout, but it actually the opposite.

Originally, I was planning on doing a thinner red pinstripe as seen in my JAKE'S TESLA WORLD header located at the top of this page, but I ended up going with a bolder red pinstripe as I believe it best compliments and completes the geometry, while cohesively balancing and tying together all the otherworldly design elements of CyberTruck. 

To my way of thinking, this design creates a somewhat startling bold and almost unreal looking, if not otherworldly look and vibe. In other words, it takes the already radical CyberTruck design language to the next level.

I plan to wrap my CyberTruck with a high quality Pain Protection Film, (commonly referred to as PPF) with a hydrophobic coating in black, but I also plan to cover the exposed stainless steel areas with a clear PPF with a hydrophobic clear matte coating, as the naked stainless steel surface of the CyberTruck is a fingerprint and smudge magnet of the highest order.

Clear PPF will make it fingerprint proof, kind of like one of those new generation stainless steel refrigerators that hides fingerprints and smudges. I am also considering doing a matte PPF for the limited exposed stainless steel pyramid sections.

This will also make it easy to keep cleaner. I have never owned a car before that was was wrapped, but I was experimenting with the image below that shows a CyberTruck with the LightBar installed at the top of the windshield, and it made me realize that in order for my wrap design to look its best, will likely require me to also wrap the wheel well covers as well as the connecting running board, and front and rear bumpers in black. 

The reason I believe it's important to wrap all black elements in the same black, is if I don't there will be two completely different shades of black competing with each other, thus adding too much distractive contrast. 

Also, I intend to customize the interior of the CyberTruck by creating a custom MagSafe compatible charging mount for my BulletTrain SAFE WALLET which will be located directly in front and slightly above the squircle steering wheel as seen below. Also, I am seriously contemplating blacking out all the white panels in the CyberTruck as well, as I prefer it to be all black, for the ultimate man-cave vibe.

Below is a cool photo I took of the CyberTruck in a Tesla showroom. I could not help but notice that in the real world, the stainless steel exterior of the CyberTruck gets really dirty looking really fast. In other words, unless you clean it all the time, the stainless steel finish gets dirty looking quickly from fingerprints and smudge marks as seen below, and keep in mind that Tesla doesn't let any customers touch the truck.

Notice how on the rear quarter panel on top in the sail area who uneven and crappy the stainless steel looks. My wrap design eliminates all large sections of exposed stainless steel. Also, I plan to wrap the stainless steel sections with PPF so it can easily be cleaned, and won't show fingerprints, just like on a modern stainless steel fridge that doesn't show fingerprints.

In the next two photos we see how I added elements of my wrap design. In the next two images are identical, but the last one adds the fat red stripe.

I keep flip-flopping back and forth on whether or not I like my wrap design concept better with or without the red stipe.

Wrapping a CyberTruck

As mentioned before, I have never wrapped a car, as it seemed like a waste of money, but for my CyberTruck there are multiple benefits. The video below is from OCDetailing, located in Fremont California, which is located near the Tesla factory.

This first video begins with a sped up version of all the steps to wrap the CyberTruck with STEK|Automotive DYNOChrome-black matte PPF metallic wrap as well as tint all the window surfaces as well as the sunroof, doors and windshield. Then the video shows glamour shots of the CyberTruck strutting around, looking tough, like it's on parade in a Miss America contest. Then Joe from OCDetailing talks about all the detail choices they made, and why, as well as discussing some of the subtle nuances and complexity of wrapping the CyberTruck.

The video below addresses the question of which is better, Matte v. Glossy v. Natural Stainless? 

In the video below, OCDetailing wraps the hood of a new CyberTruck with Stek | Automotive DYNOchrome-black matte PPF.

One of the first guys to get a CyberTruck (OurCyberLife) who works for Tesla as an engineer, wrapped his in a minty matte forest green color and it looks great as seen below.

He documented the steps in wrapping his CyberTruck with photos and in the photo below you can't help but notice the severe contrast between the fingerprint and smudge marks on the stainless frunk lid, compared to the front quarter panel which has been wrapped with the minty forest green matte PPF, which appears to eliminate the possibility for any fingerprinting.

The photo below shows the front drivers side quarter panel and A pillar, which look horrendously bad with the fingerprint and smudge marks. Once again, contrast this with the drivers door, which has been wrapped, and shows no fingerprints. Ironically, the CyberTruck has a tremendous beneficial characteristic of being scratch and dent proof, but at the cost that the naked stainless steel looks pretty bad as fingerprints make it look horrible, and there is not way to avoid this, unless you wrap it.

The minty green matte CyberTruck looks awesome, and notice they wrapped the side mirrors with a really cool wrap that looks like carbon fiber.

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