Monday, January 29, 2024

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe goes one-on-one with Jim Cramer

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe 

goes one-on-one with Jim Cramer

Wall Street Analyst Drops SHOCKERS on Tesla w/ Pierre Ferragu New Street Research

Wall Street Analyst Drops SHOCKERS on Tesla 

w/ Pierre Ferragu New Street Research

Pierre Ferragu is one of the top Wall Street Analysts that covers Tesla, and he is commonly on Tesla earnings calls. He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable when it comes to understanding what makes Tesla tick. Pierre has a very thick French accent, while being extremely articulate in English. I didn't have much of a challenge understanding everything he said, but you can always turn on the subtitles.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Matching CyberTruck Tinted Windows

Matching CyberTruck Tinted Windows

The CyberTruck comes standard with only the rear side windows tinted at around 20%. This is the same with the Model Y, and Model X, as they are all considered to be SUVs. So if you purchase a CyberTruck, chances are you are going to want to also tint the front side windows including the small porthole A-pillar window, and that is exactly what this video from Socal Tint Shop is all about.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Extremely Profound Conversation On Tesla Stock

Extremely Profound Conversation 

On Tesla Stock

As a major Tesla Bull, I find this conversation between Farzad and Hans to be extremely profound and insightful. I highly recommend checking out this video!!!

Hans said something really profound in this conversation that I captured and want to share with you:

"If you need to be told how to think, you are not an investor. You are someone else’s exit liquidity. At best you are a trader, and a trader is just a sucker waiting to get taken. If you don’t know how to think and analyze your own investments and come up with your own thesis and then constantly reevaluate, like, ‘am I think about this correctly, or am I off in la-la land?’ Then you are totally up a creek...It’s darkest before the dawn."

—Hans C. Nelson (discussing Tesla Stock)

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Ceramic Coating Protection Approved for Cybertruck Stainless Steel & Vinyl Wraps or PPF

Ceramic Coating Protection 

Approved for Cybertruck Stainless Steel & Vinyl Wraps or PPF

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Question about FSD & Robotaxi


Question about FSD & Robotaxi

I was talking with my friend Ben, who is a fellow Tesla fanatic like me and we were talking about Tesla's future. We got on the subject of Robotaxi and came across a question that puzzled us both. 

Image above is from my article titled:

 "Tesla CyberVehicle Family Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich"


Teslas used to come standard with Ultrasonic Sensors coupled with Tesla Vision which places cameras around the vehicle so could navigate on its own. Tesla removed all radar equipment about 2.5 years ago.

FSD Question

Since many Tesla Hardware 3 and all Hardware 4 equipped vehicles rely solely on cameras for navigating with Full Self Driving, what would occur if you were driving in heavy fog or in a heavy snowstorm or if the cameras were obscured by dirt, bright sunlinght or even heavy rain, and the Tesla cameras could not see very far ahead of you?

Wouldn't this render FSD useless, and wouldn't this potentially hinder the success of the Robotaxi fleet?

Example Scenario

I will offer an example for illustration purposes: Let's say you are in a Tesla that is driving using only the cameras for navigation and you end up driving into heavy fog, with extremely low visibility. This has happened to be in the past where I had to slow down and drive around 10 MPH as I could barely see out of the windshield. 

I assumed Tesla vehicles only equipped with cameras for navigation could perhaps rely on legacy GPS data from Tesla vehicles that had historically driven over the same path, so if the Tesla could not see well, it could still navigate, but then the question comes up of 'What if another car crashed on the road in front of you, and your Tesla was driving thought heavy fog using legacy GPS data, then wouldn't you potentially crash into the vehicle?

Image above is from my article titled:

 "Tesla CyberVehicle Family Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich"


I believe I found the answer. I found an article from that essentially said: 

"As Electrek writes, Elon Musk said around the time of the removal of the radar in 2021 that he was most frustrated with the quality of the radar itself and believed that a high-resolution unit would improve the company’s driver assistance systems."

The article suggests that high quality front facing radar comes standard as part of the Hardware 4 suite.

Also, I have full faith in Elon. Anybody that could figure out how to land 300 rockets on earth is pure genius...





Monday, January 22, 2024

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta

12.1.2 Overviews

Sunday, January 21, 2024

More Wrap Design Ideas...


More Wrap Design Ideas

I have been a designer for four decades now, but more than anything I am a design fanatic of the highest order. The great graphic designer, Saul Bass once said "Design is thinking made visual" and I can't seem to stop thinking about how to optimize the design of the CyberTruck.

If you are a reader of you are likely aware of how I plan to wrap my CyberTruck, assuming I ever actually get it. I ordered my CyberTruck within the first five minutes of them being available for pre-order back in 2019 when Elon first showed off the CyberTruck and I received my confirmation to order it soon after Tesla recently formally opened up orders. 

That being said, I have NOT ordered it yet, as I prefer a black interior, and I don't want to pay a $27,500 premium to be one of the first people to get a CyberTruck.

My Wrap Design Idea for CyberTruck

In other words, I don't feel comfortable paying an extra $20K for FSD (that is not currently available, with no ETA in sight) and a bunch of other stuff I don't really want. Not to mention, if I were to purchase a FOUNDATION model, I would not be able to take advantage of the $7,500 tax incentive. 

So it's really anticlimactic as I thought I would be one of the first to get a CyberTruck, but from what I understand, it appears Tesla plans to move EVERYBODY to the front of the line—ahead of me—who is willing to pay a $20,000 or more realistically a $27,500 premium to buy a Foundation model...

So who knows what this means as far as delivery is concerned. I might not get my CyberTruck for more than a year...which sucks, but it is what it is, and I understand Tesla wants to offset the very high development costs of CyberTruck by charging a premium up front.

Also, if I end up having to wait a year or more, by the time I take delivery, maybe they will have figured out how to enhance the density of the 4680 batteries, so they get closer to 400 or 500 miles of range...Also, I think it's pretty likely that once Tesla gets caught up with demand, they will likely drop the price of the tri-motor CyberBeast to be only $10K more that the AWD, and that way I might end up closer to the initial expectation Elon created when he first showed off the CyberTruck ;-)

I am madly in love with the CyberTruck, but the two huge disappointments for me were the significantly lower range number and the significantly higher pricing. Oh, and I almost forgot, the fact that I was NOT in the line I thought I was in, is also a HUGE letdown...Oh well, first-world problems...and as they say, good things come to those who are patient...

More Design Wrap Ideas

The generic CyberTruck design looks fairly great, but at the same time, in my design mind, it looks unfinished and too monotone. Not to mention the fact it's a fingerprint magnet of the highest order. In other words, as cool as the naked/standard CyberTruck is, I want something that looks more otherworldly and friggin coolada...

Below is screenshot from a video review of the CyberTruck taken from a really great angle, so I modded it with my wrap design idea which looks really cool to me. I have said it before, and I will say it again, the CyberTruck to me is much more of a super cool SUV than a Truck design, and the image below really communicates that based on the scale and vibe.

When I see my design idea pictured above, without any other vehicles near, it looks more like a SUV or car to me that a Truck.

My wrap design plan is pictured above and the plan is to wrap the bottom of my CyberTruck in black, and add an additional triangle wrap behind the C pillar to significantly enhance the look of the CyberTruck.

I was recently playing around with some other ideas and I thought it MIGHT be interesting to wrap the wheel well covers in different colors. The first wrap idea (pictured above) shows the wheel well flare covers done with stainless steel wrap, which looks kind cool to me, as it gives it a more industrial and muscular look. Also, I created a similar version below with teal blue wheel well covers which also looks kind cool to me. It's kind of cool that I could pretty easily and inexpensively add details like these colored wheel flares and totally change up the vibe of my CyberTruck, and later easily remove or change them.

Below is another version of my wrap design that ads red stripe, which I think looks pretty RAD. I have NEVER owned a car in my life that was wrapped, but the CyberTruck seems like it's perfect for doing so, and it seem like it would be pretty fun...

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Finally a RED CyberTruck!!!!

Jake's Take: I couldn't help but want to improve on the design above, by adding my rear triangular panel that completes the pyramid shape, and tinted the windows darker. in my mind, this makes DennisCW's CyberTruck look a zillion times more RAD!!!!

RED CyberTrucks

Red is probably my favorite color. When I came up with my wrap design idea 5 years ago, immediately after Tesla introduced the CyberTruck, I played around with different color combinations and below is the red wrap idea I came up with. 

Well it turns out that two different people including DennisCW beat me to it as they wrapped their CyberTrucks in a ruby red, and they both look AMAZING!!!!

The CyberTruck pictured below was wrapped in a highly metallic red color which looks super cool, and it reminds me of a red Christmas ornament.

As mentioned, I have played around with different wrap designs, and the version below is the one I plan to initially go with, although I still can't make up my mind about if I want to do it with or without the fat red pinstripe. I am hoping there is a way to be able to easily an or remove the red stripes so I can try it both ways. 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Rivian v. CyberTruck v. Ford

Rivian v. CyberTruck v. Ford

This is an interesting video that compares the Rivian R1T and Ford F150 Lightning Electric Trucks to the CyberTruck. I am not a truck guy at all. I think the Rivian and Ford are very nice in many ways, but have ZERO appeal for me. I like the CyberTruck interior way better as it appears to be way roomier, and even thought it has the smallest frunk, that's fine because if you want to haul around large stuff, you have a huge bed in the back. The Frunk is for storing things like golf clubs, a backpack or food pickup like groceries or take out.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Tesla Cybertruck CRAZY LIGHT SHOW...

Tesla Cybertruck CRAZY LIGHT SHOW


The CyberTruck has a built-in light show as seen in the video below. I think Tesla should create a new perhaps optional feature that would allow the user to use the front facing running light as an oncoming turn signal indicator. In other words, the horizontal LED daytime running lightbar that looks kind of like it's the CyberTrucks headlights, are actually just for decoration, or technically, a running light, or parking light. 

Notice in the video how Tesla can make the light run across the horizontal LED daytime running lightbar in both directions. I think if Tesla created a feature where it could behave like this when turning would be great. Further, I think Tesla should consider replacing the white only colored horizontal LED daytime running lightbar with an RGB color horizontal LED daytime running lightbar, which would allow it to really shine as a turn indicator or for hazard lights. Also, it's worth noting on this white wrapped CyberTruck that those red brake calipers look pretty RAD!!!

Friday, January 12, 2024

My Love and Hate for Cybertruck: Full Interior and Exterior Breakdown

Tesla Raj's Love and Hate for Cybertruck

Full Interior and Exterior Breakdown

Thursday, January 11, 2024

0-60MPH CyberTruck Speed

0-60MPH CyberTruck Speed 

When I look at a vehicle, the single most important specification for me personally, is 0-60MPH time. TSportline recently tested an AWD Dual Motor CyberTruck and averaged around 4.2 Seconds to go from 0-60. This is close to Tesla's advertised time of 4.1 seconds.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024





I have been doing a lot of coverage (pun intended) on wrapping CyberTrucks. The stainless steel finish on the CyberTruck is extremely durable, but it's a fingerprint magnet of the highest order, so I think many people will end up wrapping their CyberTrucks. Not to mention, if you come up with a really cool design idea, wrapping it will make it even more otherworldly, like my wrap idea seen below:

There are two custom or bespoke Tesla wrappers I have been covering extensively as seen in prior posts on The First one is TSportline (located in Los Angeles), which also does custom rims and interiors, and also Joe from OCDetailing (located in Fremont, California, near the Tesla Factory) who is featured in the video below, that specializes in window tinting and custom wraps. Joe is amazingly insightful with his video walkthroughs, and I have learned so much from him. In the fascinating video below he shows how he wrapped an all black matte beauty using Stek Dyno PPF.

It's totally fascinating how Joe breaks down all the details of the project in the video, and my main takeaway is many of the steps he has taken make the CyberTruck very low maintenance to easily keep clean and new looking.

Below are some cool photos of OCDetailing's Matte Black Wrapped CyberTruck, and the last one was taken in the front parking lot of Tesla's Fremont Factory...

Monday, January 8, 2024

Driving the Cybertruck in San Francisco - Gets a lot of Attention!

Driving the Cybertruck in San Francisco

Gets a lot of Attention!

I was born and raised in San Francisco, and lived there the first 50 years of my life. I lived in the Marina, which is located on the northern tip of San Francisco, and I used to walk—all the time—from the Palace of Fine Arts to Fort Point, which is located under the Golden Gate Bridge. If I had gone on that walk and seen this beautiful black beast it would have completely freaked me out in the most positive way!!!

Blacked Out CyberTruck pictured above at Fort Point, in San Francisco, Marina, with Angel Island in background. 
I could not help but notice how the roofline of the CyberTruck matches the profile of Angel Island :-0

People talk about Tesla being the first successful new American automobile company to be founded in a century, but the reality is Tesla is NOT and American car company per se, so much as it's a Silicon Valley technology company—or a Norther California company. Norther California is a magnificently beautiful place, and the home of many highly disruptive and innovative companies, like Apple, Google, Facebook, Adobe, and Xerox. San Francisco, and Silicon Valley are more of a way of thought, or mindset, than a geographic location on a map.

I Drive The Tesla Cybertruck For The First Time! City, Highway, & Performance Evaluation...

I Drive The Tesla Cybertruck For The First Time! 

City, Highway, & Performance Evaluation

Saturday, January 6, 2024


Ryan Shaw


Friday, January 5, 2024

Cybertruck Transformed! Inozetek Supergloss Black Wrap

Cybertruck Transformed! 

Inozetek Supergloss Black Wrap

Below we see the white satin and black satin wrapped CyberTrucks from T-Sportline, as frame of reference to compare with the gloss black CyberTruck featured above in the video,.

People LOVE the CyberTruck!!!!

People LOVE the CyberTruck!!!!

Crazy CyberTruck Climbing Footage!!!!

Crazy CyberTruck Climbing Footage!!!!

HyperChange On Tesla Stock Valuation


On Tesla Stock Valuation

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Ford F-250 TRUCK Owner REACTS to Cybertruck

Ford F-250 TRUCK Owner 

REACTS to Cybertruck

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Tesla Cybertruck Full Tour! Exposing All Details - Service Mode, Wiper, Powertrain, & Much More

Tesla Cybertruck Full Tour! 

Exposing All Details

Service Mode, Wiper, Powertrain, & Much More

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

T Sportline Gloss Black CyberTruck Wrap


T Sportline Gloss Black CyberTruck Wrap

Elie Rothstein (pictured below) is a co-founder of T Sportline which is located in Los Angeles, and in the video located in this story he talks about how they recently wrapped this CyberTruck in Gloss Black which looks AMAZING!!! 

If you are not familiar with T Sportline, they specialize in customizing Tesla's at the highest level possible.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Kim Java Rockin' Around In A CyberTruck

Kim Java 

Rockin' Around In A CyberTruck