Thursday, July 1, 2021

Tesla are the SAFEST CARS EVER Made.

Safest Cars Ever Made

It is a fact that the Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y models are the safest cars every made in history. When the National Highway & Transportation Association (NHTA) tested the Model S for what it took to get it to roll over, no mater what they tried they could NOT get it to role over which was the first vehicle in their testing history they could not get to roll over. This was due to the Model S having such an unusually low center of gravity. 

Transparent Safety View of 2021 Model S

So the NHTA decided they would subject the Tesla Model S to the crush test which basically works like a garbage compactor, but the Model S was so strong it ended up breaking the NHTA crush testing machine. This is because the Model S uses special bolts and aerospace construction techniques including cast and aluminum extrusion developed by Elon Musk's SPACE X which makes it remarkably strong and safe. 

So why exactly are all Tesla models so much safer than any other cars ever made? It has much to do with the Tesla Chassis structure which is commonly referred to as The Skateboard which is pictured below. The image below is of the all-new Model S Plaid Skateboard. The large rectangular portion of the skateboard is essentially stronger than a brick wall in the sense it features somewhere around Seven Thousand 18650 batteries sandwiched between reinforced aluminum panels.

If an accident occurs and a car jackknifes the Tesla, meaning it hits it from the side, the car that hits the Tesla can't go through it and will essentially bounce off it. Contrast this with a standard ICE vehicle which has a week chassis structure that is made up of a hollow chassis and if it gets hit from the side, the car hitting it can basically go through and T-Bone it as we see in the photos below of the vehicle famous Author David Halberstam was killed in. 

David was sitting in the front passenger seat on April 23, 2007 as the Toyota Corolla was driving thought Menlo Park in California, on his way to Mountain View to talk with legendary NFL Quarterback, Frank Gifford when his car was hit from the side when a graduate student from Berkely made a left turn from a controlled lane, against a red light. David died immediately of internal injuries at the scene. I understand this is gruesome but my point is if the identical accident impact occurred today and the offending car hit ANY Tesla, the very likely outcome would be the passenger would not suffer any damage beyond perhaps whiplash.

The recent photo below shows a Tesla Model 3 that drove off a cliff and all 4 passengers fortunately were able to climb out of the car and walk away uninjured. Tesla and Elon Musk take safety VERY SERIOUSLY. I remember in the old days Volvo had a reputation for making the Safest cars. Today, Tesla has surpassed Volvo by a long-shot in safety, and everything else for that matter. If you think Tesla's are expensive, safety is one of the great reasons why they are and isn't your life/health or the life of your loved ones worth it?

I saw a recent Tesla Patent Application that features an even newer more innovative crumple zone construction that is mind-blowing so it is great to know that Tesla is not resting on its laurels when it comes to safety.

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this article. In the future I might update it but for now I am very impressed with the all-new Model S and can't wait to purchase one...

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