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More Wrap Design Ideas...


More Wrap Design Ideas

I have been a designer for four decades now, but more than anything I am a design fanatic of the highest order. The great graphic designer, Saul Bass once said "Design is thinking made visual" and I can't seem to stop thinking about how to optimize the design of the CyberTruck.

If you are a reader of you are likely aware of how I plan to wrap my CyberTruck, assuming I ever actually get it. I ordered my CyberTruck within the first five minutes of them being available for pre-order back in 2019 when Elon first showed off the CyberTruck and I received my confirmation to order it soon after Tesla recently formally opened up orders. 

That being said, I have NOT ordered it yet, as I prefer a black interior, and I don't want to pay a $27,500 premium to be one of the first people to get a CyberTruck.

My Wrap Design Idea for CyberTruck

In other words, I don't feel comfortable paying an extra $20K for FSD (that is not currently available, with no ETA in sight) and a bunch of other stuff I don't really want. Not to mention, if I were to purchase a FOUNDATION model, I would not be able to take advantage of the $7,500 tax incentive. 

So it's really anticlimactic as I thought I would be one of the first to get a CyberTruck, but from what I understand, it appears Tesla plans to move EVERYBODY to the front of the line—ahead of me—who is willing to pay a $20,000 or more realistically a $27,500 premium to buy a Foundation model...

So who knows what this means as far as delivery is concerned. I might not get my CyberTruck for more than a year...which sucks, but it is what it is, and I understand Tesla wants to offset the very high development costs of CyberTruck by charging a premium up front.

Also, if I end up having to wait a year or more, by the time I take delivery, maybe they will have figured out how to enhance the density of the 4680 batteries, so they get closer to 400 or 500 miles of range...Also, I think it's pretty likely that once Tesla gets caught up with demand, they will likely drop the price of the tri-motor CyberBeast to be only $10K more that the AWD, and that way I might end up closer to the initial expectation Elon created when he first showed off the CyberTruck ;-)

I am madly in love with the CyberTruck, but the two huge disappointments for me were the significantly lower range number and the significantly higher pricing. Oh, and I almost forgot, the fact that I was NOT in the line I thought I was in, is also a HUGE letdown...Oh well, first-world problems...and as they say, good things come to those who are patient...

More Design Wrap Ideas

The generic CyberTruck design looks fairly great, but at the same time, in my design mind, it looks unfinished and too monotone. Not to mention the fact it's a fingerprint magnet of the highest order. In other words, as cool as the naked/standard CyberTruck is, I want something that looks more otherworldly and friggin coolada...

Below is screenshot from a video review of the CyberTruck taken from a really great angle, so I modded it with my wrap design idea which looks really cool to me. I have said it before, and I will say it again, the CyberTruck to me is much more of a super cool SUV than a Truck design, and the image below really communicates that based on the scale and vibe.

When I see my design idea pictured above, without any other vehicles near, it looks more like a SUV or car to me that a Truck.

My wrap design plan is pictured above and the plan is to wrap the bottom of my CyberTruck in black, and add an additional triangle wrap behind the C pillar to significantly enhance the look of the CyberTruck.

I was recently playing around with some other ideas and I thought it MIGHT be interesting to wrap the wheel well covers in different colors. The first wrap idea (pictured above) shows the wheel well flare covers done with stainless steel wrap, which looks kind cool to me, as it gives it a more industrial and muscular look. Also, I created a similar version below with teal blue wheel well covers which also looks kind cool to me. It's kind of cool that I could pretty easily and inexpensively add details like these colored wheel flares and totally change up the vibe of my CyberTruck, and later easily remove or change them.

Below is another version of my wrap design that ads red stripe, which I think looks pretty RAD. I have NEVER owned a car in my life that was wrapped, but the CyberTruck seems like it's perfect for doing so, and it seem like it would be pretty fun...

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