Saturday, April 15, 2023

Jake's CyberTruck Wrap Concept Render

Jake's CyberTruck Wrap Concept Render

I have updated the design of my dream CyberTruck wrap design concept by rendering my idea on a recent photo of a production prototype. The detail that changed the most is I kept playing around with geometry of the stripe, and ended up making it follow the shape of the truck, which to my way of thinking, as a designer gives it a much sleeker look, that is kind of Tron meets BladeRunner meets Lotus Esprit meets Batmobile.

If you are not familiar with my original wrap design concept—which can be seen in the header graphic above for JAKE'S TESLA WORLD—my idea is to wrap only the bottom of the CyberTruck, and add additional rear extension triangle panels to make it look much more like a sedan/SUV than a Truck. Also the side windows have a darker tint on them, which really give it a dramatic vibe...

In other words, if I saw this thing driving down the road, I would think it looks like some kind of radical modern Tesla SUV—like an ultra-modern Model X SUV on steroids. I also played around with doing a version with red ONLY on the sides with black wrap on back and front with matching black stripes...My original concept featured a single thick uniform pinstripe, which looked cool, but my new stripe offers several design characteristics. 

First it serves to as a strip to delineate the top section from the bottom, but it also looks offers a really interesting visual that makes the back look sharper. Also, it looks like a like a drop shadow that optically messes with your eyes, kind of like an M.C. Escher drawing. Also, this stripe kind of reminds me of a Nike Swoosh logo, which looks more like a verb than a noun in the sense that it looks like it's in motion when it's not moving.

I expect to be one of the first people to obtain a CyberTruck and once I do I plan to make it exactly like we see in these images and immediately once I get it done, I will photograph it and do a story on it. In the meantime enjoy...

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