Thursday, April 15, 2021

All Electric New Mercedes S-Class EQS Delivered Stillborn


All Electric

New Mercedes S-Class EQS 


Many people have been talking about how the competition is coming to crush Tesla. To date, every potential competitor failed miserably including the Jaguar, iPace along with so many others. In my opinion the company that posed the greatest threat was Mercedes-Benz. Back in October of 2019 I published a story on about the upcoming 'Super-Cool' Mercedes-Benz EQS. We see the Mercedes EQS "Concept Car" as it was presented two years ago and it was AMAZING looking!!!!!

Today, Mercedes finally unveiled the new EQS production prototype and it could not be more disappointing as seen below. I can't even begin to put into works how disappointing the final design is. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how many companies show off a cool concept then deliver something terrible. I think if the production Mercedes looked identical to the concept it would have given the Tesla Models S a run for its money, but instead Mercedes failed terribly and looks like a Ford Taurus had a baby with the original EQS Concept car!?!!

WTF Mercedes !?!!

I've been saying since before the launch of the Tesla Cyber Truck that Tesla has the entire automotive industry in check-mate and now I can confirm that the only real hope for competition completely failed. I can't believe how ugly this car is, and I can't believe I am saying this but its design language looks like some kind of weird American Car design.

The new 2021 Plaid Tesla Model S is pictured below, which is largely based upon a 9 year old Model S design that received a facelift and wider hips and it is beyond timeless.

MKBHD posted this review of the interior of the new Mercedes EQS interior. Mercedes showcased the car initially with camouflage on the front and rear of the car which was a stupid waste of everybody's time, but after seeing is without the camo I now see why...

The Mercedes 'S Class' used to be the defacto car of wealthy leaders until the Tesla Model S came along and started radically capturing market share from Mercedes. In other words, people who used to drive Mercedes S Class models stopped buying them and bought switched to purchasing Tesla Model S. So the Mercedes EQS is designed to compete squarely against the Tesla Model S, and I think Mercedes failed miserably. Why? Mercedes copied MANY elements from the Tesla Model S, but in my opinion made it WAY TOO COMPLICATED, with WAY to many buttons and options as you will see in the video below:

Mercedes failure to genuinely innovate and simplify is making the former nameplate to continue to become passé. In my opinion as a designer, Mercedes needs to quickly transition and streamline the brand into the EV space and quickly exit the ICE business. Also, Mercedes needs to get rid of AMG, and having rice rockets is super cheesy. Just like Tesla's Model S, Mercedes S Class should offer one vehicle that has all the features, with two or three different levels of battery and performance. NOT eight zillion different options that confuse customers to death...

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