Monday, May 4, 2015

Test Drive Of A Petrol Car

Test Drive Of A Petrol Car

There is a superb story somebody wrote about a Tesla owner who drives an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) for the first time. I highly recommend it, as a great read!

The images below shows how crazy simple the Tesla Model S motor design is compared to an internal combustion engine as seen above. The image below is of the actual Tesla Model S DC motor, which is about the size of a watermelon. 

The image below shows the Tesla Model S drive unit outlined in the red rectangle. The actual motor is located on the right side, and it's lighter silver.

Since the Tesla Model S rear motor is strategically and intelligently placed between the rear wheels, it drives the rear tires directly without the need for a bulky transmission! This magnificently simple design also facilitates very fast acceleration at slow speeds.

The photos above and below show the Tesla Model S motor location, which is between the rear wheels. It is positioned so low, it sits far below the top of the rear tires on the rear transaxle. The battery pack, typically referred to as the Tesla Skateboard runs underneath the front and rear seats, thus giving the Model S, an unusually remarkable low center of gravity. 

The illustration below shows all three types of engine layouts for the Model S Tesla. Obviously the one of the far right, which is a dual motor Tesla Model S P85D illustrates the super low center of gravity. 

This super-low center of gravity translates into road handling characteristics that have never been seen before in a passenger vehicle. In other words, when you drive a Model S, especially a P85D, it not only maintains a perfect 50/50 front to rear weight distribution, but the car literally feels like it is almost glued to a track!!!

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